Do British Bookkeepers Need to Compete with Aussie Stay-at-Home Mums?

Since Xero launched in Australia in 2008, it’s helped Aussie small business owners become more efficient, win more business and grow their businesses faster [Are Aussie Plumbers Well Ahead of British Plumbers?].

And because Xero operates in the cloud, it’s eliminated the need for bookkeepers to work on-site for their clients or at a major accounting practice – and we’ve trained thousands of them!

That’s enabled many stay-at-home mums to start their own home-based bookkeeping businesses, giving them the flexibility they need to spend time with their kids.

Kiwi bookkeeper Di, who started her own home-based bookkeeping business in Xero, targeted tradespeople — just like Xero does with its smart features that automate many manual tasks — who she thought probably didn’t want to come home and reconcile their business account after a long day at work.

Because Xero is in the cloud, each transaction — be it a quote, invoice, bank transaction — shows up in real-time, which means Di can work at times of the day when her kids are asleep or at school.

She could even work for businesses all over the world (if she wanted).

Home-based bookkeepers have fewer overheads than full time or permanent staff members do, and that makes them more appealing to small business owners who need to keep their expenses down.

And with Xero’s popularity in Britain and the rest of the U.K. growing, it’s becoming harder and harder for British business owners to justify the cost of a High Street bookkeeper, when they can easily hire a home-based one.

If you’ve recently shifted to Xero for your business — or you’re planning to become a Xero bookkeeper — visit and subscribe to the ShowEzy website. There you’ll access Xero video tutorials and training, which cover major Xero features, such as creating invoices and reconciliation reports.

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