Why U.K. Plumbers Are Looking to Xero

Xero, the New Zealand-based cloud accounting software, is fast becoming a major player in the U.K., especially for tradespeople running their own small business. One reason is because you can create quotes while you are at a clients premises and keep track of it using Xero as a CRM!

Unlike other accounting software, Xero has been developed specifically for time-poor small business owners — particularly those who spend their days out on the road.

This training course video shows you how you can create a quote using Xero on the spot!

It integrates with thousands of third-party productivity apps, like BuilderTrend, the cloud-based project management tool for the building industry, so builders can manage their entire business from the quotation stage to project planning and management to the final payment.

Being cloud-based, it means tradespeople can give their accountant remote access to work on their accounts in real-time, rather than at the end of the month.

Take Gabriel, whose plumbing business The Italian Plumber, operates in central London: “Xero changed my life.”

He started his business in London in 2010, but migrated to Xero after many years managing his accounts with a spreadsheet system.

“Managing the business nowadays with Xero is so much easier,” he said. “My accountant has access straightaway to all the transactions we have.”

Since Xero launched in Australia and New Zealand, where it beat the incumbent accounting software company MYOB to become the region’s market leading cloud accounting software, it’s started expanding overseas — to North America and the U.K.

It’s targeting small business owners, especially tradespeople, in major cities across Britain — London, Bristol, Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham, Leeds, Brighton, Newcastle, and so on — to get them to shift away from outdated accounting methods, like spreadsheets and Word documents, to their cloud-based system.

If you’ve recently shifted to Xero for your business — or you’re planning to — visit and subscribe to the ShowEzy website. There you’ll access Xero video tutorials and training, which cover major Xero features, such as creating invoices and reconciliation reports.


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