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Topics included:

  • Getting your business domain onto Google G Suite (Google Apps)
  • Facebook Page, Posts and Advertising
  • Credit Management
  • Using Paypal for business
  • Quickbooks Online accounting
  • Content Marketing using a WordPress Blog
  • Digital Business in Practise

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Many businesses use Microsoft Outlook and a server like Microsoft Exchange Server to manage all their emails on a server in their office. G Suite uses the power of Google's Gmail to manage your business / corporate email server so staff and contractors can access their email on any device as well as calendars, tasks for a low monthly cost.

Many people use an IT support company to get their business domain name onto these services but it's something that IT savvy business owners can do themselves. We show you how.

Facebook enables businesses to create a Facebook page, create posts on their timeline and promote their posts (boosted posts) and advertise using Display advertising. 

This course teaches you the various ways in which every business can setup systems to ensure they don't loose money because of bad credit management. 

If your business relies on providing credit to your clients (even in only certain areas), this course will teach you how to start correctly, manage the daily credit management activities and what to do if you need to get your money back.